DePaul Junior Meredith Schorr - First NCMF Event Management Intern

Meredith Schorr

Ms. Meredith Schorr, first NCMF event management intern

DePaul School of Hospitality Leadership Junior Meredith Schorr spent her summer in Maryland as the first-ever Event Management Intern with the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation.

The Foundation, as part of a private-public partnership with the National Security Agency (NSA), is going to build the Cyber Center for Education and Innovation (CCEI) facility at Fort Meade, Maryland, which will house a new National Cryptologic Museum.

CCEI plan

Meredith’s primary task was to draft a business plan for utilizing CCEI spaces as a conference and special events venue. She developed a description of the kind of services that could be offered; performed market analysis; drafted marketing, pricing, and sales strategies; and projected revenue that the Foundation might expect from sponsoring events.

Meredith worked with retired senior executives from the federal government, architects, staff from similar non-profit foundations, and a myriad of individuals involved in local special event planning. The plan she produced provides much-needed information as the Foundation plans its future.

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